As I have written before, they are the only Big Ten Team that Notre Dame has never defeated (0-4) and never will (now that they are no longer in the Big 10).  The University of Chicago was a founding member of the Big Ten and still shares some institutional relationships.  In their early days, their Coach was the legendary Amos Alonzo Stagg.  He was the Knute Rockne of his day.

The legendary educator, Robert Maynard Hutchins, was President/Chancellor of the University of Chicago from 1929 through 1951.  He made a lot of academic reforms.  He was a believer in basing education on the “Great Books”.  Another reform was to drop football and preside over their withdrawal from the Big Ten (then called either the Big Nine or the Western Conference).  Not many recall that the first Heisman Trophy Winner (Jay Berwanger) was a Chicago Maroon.

Anyway, the University of Chicago started up another football team in the 60’s.  It was similar to what we would today call a “club team”.  When they won their first game, the Chicago papers touted that the Chicago Maroons had won their first football game in three decades.  The QB for the winning Maroons was Bob Conway, ND-1966, who was getting his MBA.  Bob has been a close friend of mine for 50 years.  He’s one of the all-time good guys and a large benefactor to ND.  Bob’s top threat out of the backfield was another ND man, also in grad school at the University.

My other story is from working at the ND Football Stadium.  I was usually the go-to guy if someone needed a Stadium Tour.  I gave hundreds and hundreds of them.  Except for 3-4 large groups of unruly elementary school kids, I can honestly say I enjoyed every tour, primarily because the tour guests were so appreciative.  One day I was asked to give a tour to the University of Chicago Maroons Football Team.  They are now a power in Division III football, playing in a top academic league.  When I took their team into our locker room they were very respectful and in awe.  When I reminded them that ND had never defeated them in football, they all cheered.  They were a fine group of young men.


Q:  I will contribute to this esoteric discussion the following question:

Who knows the nickname of the U. of Chicago?  Cappy is not allowed to play.  No looking it up.

A:  Maroons says U of C MBA grad Pat Monahan




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