The Last Ride...

It’s a fictionalized version of the final couple days in the life of Hank Williams, Sr., the legendary song writer/singer and seminal figure of American Music.

His life and death was typical of so many of the early Country and Rock & Roll singers (i.e. death on the road; dying young; drug and/or alcohol abuse; loves & lost loves; and financial difficulties). In his short life, Williams sang some of the greatest Country hits.  Here’s one I love:

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams Live ...

This movie is entertaining for many reasons.

  1. It’s simplicity;
  2. A GREAT performance by an actor I’ve never heard of;
  3. A tremendous portrayal of Williams, by an actor I had never heard of…..except;
  4. He was the youthful star of the movie which was the highest grossing movie in Hollywood for ten years…which;
  5. I have never seen, to this day, even though………;
  6. I was a key person in the physical security of the release of the movie on video (piracy of videos was then a major industry problem);
  7. The revelation of the physical impairment that Williams had, which may not have been accurately diagnosed until his autopsy;
  8. A wonderful and wholesome sub-plot at the end of the movie, which I won’t spoil here; and
  9. The #4 character in the movie (#1 and #2 dominate all the on-screen time), is one of my all-time favorite guys.

Here’s some trivia on this final character:

He was a talented attorney for the Federal Government, serving as one of the Watergate Legal Staff members for Congress.

He did so well as an attorney that he was offered the chance to play an attorney in a movie.

He did so well in this portrayal that he has since had a lengthy and varied movie and TV career, always playing an important and powerful figure.

He has played Presidents………and, he is so convincing in that role, that your humble movie critic penciled him in as my DREAM TEAM VP in 2008.  I had him as Giuliani’s VP.  That ticket got derailed after about 20 minutes of the first primary, so, you know my political judgments are not worth mentioning.

He was credible as a VP candidate because he was then serving in the US Senate and had run for President himself.

He played one of the main characters in one of the longest running TV courtroom dramas.

Among the women in his life was Lorrie Morgan, a great female Country Singer, whose dad was a Country Music star and contemporary of Hank Williams.

Lorrie Morgan - A Picture of Me Without You


George Morgan - Room Full of Roses

In doing some research on “The Last Ride” movie, I was surprised to learn that it was shot in 16 days!  The average movie takes 13 weeks.  It was completed for a budget of approximately $1 million, which is what most movies spend EACH day during their three months of production.

So……….if you get a chance to see “The Last Ride”, I recommend it to you.


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