My friend Mark Hubbard wrote two of them:  UNDISPUTED, about the 1966 National Championship Season, and FORGOTTEN FOUR, (written with Donald Hubbard), about the 1953 season and our terrific backfield, each of whom were first round NFL draft picks.  Except for a slight hiccup against Iowa (14-14 tie), the ’53 team would be in the discussion with several other ND teams as the greatest college football team ever.

Philip Brooks wrote a nice book, FORWARD PASS, The Play That Saved Football, about ND revolutionizing the style of football during the 1913 season, especially in the game versus Army.

The story about that great 1913 ND-Army game will appear in the ND-Purdue program this fall.  It was written by Frank Maggio, who wrote the outstanding book, NOTRE DAME and the GAME that CHANGED Football.  The importance of this game cannot be overstated, both for possibly saving college football and for putting Notre Dame on the national football map.  This was the first big intersectional win for the Irish (and for anybody, for that matter), as the “Catholics” upset the powerhouse Black Knights of the Hudson.  Frank also gives proper credit to Jesse Harper, whose importance to Notre Dame Football is sometimes overlooked.


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