There are 30 ND grads I know who believe that Communication Arts was the greatest major available for members of the Class of 1966...

Off the top of my head, I know Tom Sullivan (our FANTASTIC Class Notes scribe), Barry Barth (following in the footsteps of his dad who was a TV station manager), Denny Corrigan (brilliant thinker), Dan McGinn (looks like he can still hit 90+ on the radar gun), Tony Andrea-Bob Basche (linked by NIGHTLIGHTER fame—Andrea had the musical talent; Bash was the chick magnet), Tom Doty (he and I wrote press releases for ND Sports Information), Pat Bauer (the most powerful Democrat in the Indiana Legislature for more than 20 years), Bill Dwyre (too many journalism awards to list), Pat Farrell (University Pilot & Bengal Bouts Coach), Tom Bettag (Executive Producer of NIGHTLINE), Barry Lopez (the nation’s premiere nature writer), Dave/George Rentschler (a very compelling guy and great friend), Jon Spoelstra (Jon was a long-time NBA executive and his son Erik just led the Miami Heat to the NBA Championship) and many others would agree. 

Cappy Gagnon, B.A., Communication Arts (impartial judge of ND degrees)

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