Dr. Lou Riccio created a  wonderful golf app called Golflogix.com...

Lou and I were youngsters at the POLICE FOUNDATION, a D. C. based police think tank, for three years (1977-79).  In my lifetime I have met and worked with some brilliant and inventive minds.  George Kelling created the “Broken Windows” concept while working at the POLICE FOUNDATION during my tenure.  Bill James, the inventor of Sabermetrics, is a good friend from my time in SABR.  Gavin de Becker, who has the most keen mind ever applied to the science of media figure stalking and protection, is a former boss and friend.  Pat Gallagher wrote about innovations in public safety management and police liability more than 30 years ago which are still ahead of their time today.  Lou is another great thinker, who has been a star in police research, City Government management (NYC, no less), operations research, and, GOLF, his favorite venue of all!

Lou is also responsible for my all-time golf highlight.  No, not my two eagles.  No, not the time I shot a sub-80.  Nope, Lou was responsible for my getting written up on the sports page of the Washington Post, in 1979.  When we worked at the POLICE FOUNDATION, Lou organized a Wednesday afternoon golf outing for four of us.  We drove over to Maryland and played nine holes every Wednesday after work.  Lou was a terrific golfer, shooting 38-40 reliably.  Two of us were around 44-45 for the nine holes.  The fourth guy was a hack.  At the end of our 1979 golf season, Lou suggested that we have a “tournament”.  Lou put his Lehigh Ph.D to work to handicap us and arrange the match-play tournament.  On the first round, Lou trounced the hacker and I defeated my opponent (a former Deputy Chief of the Boston Police Department).  On the final day, I got a little lucky and was able to defeat Lou 2 and 1.  The next day, the Washington Post carried this item:  “Cappy Gagnon won the Annual Police Foundation Golf Tournament, 2 and 1, over Lou Riccio, at the Falls Road Golf Course, in Potomac”.  I’m immortalized.  Fortunately, when Lou phoned in the results of our “Annual” tournament, the Post didn’t learn there were only four of us playing nine holes!

If you’re a golfer, you may enjoy following up with Lou’s app. 


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