Babe Ruth played in a couple of exhibition baseball games in S.B. in October of 1926 and I was interested in the details.  I learned something which will have a little topical interest and picked up another Notre Dame team nickname. 

As you know, we were not officially the Fighting Irish until sometime in the 30’s or so.  I have found references to Notre Dame as the “Ramblers” well into the 50’s.  Earlier, I had found stories in which we were called the “Hoosiers”, the “Catholics”, and the “Norsemen”.  Today, I found us called the Rox.  I presume this was a short form of Rockne.

The other thing I picked up which will have some topical interest, is that in October, 1926, Notre Dame played Northwestern, in Evanston, and wore silk pants……..or “silk bloomers” as one wag called them.  This means that our special uni’s for the Miami game will not be the first time the Irish innovated in their uniform for a football game in Chicago.  A clever columnist in the Trib, named “Bearskin”, had these quips:  “Next week the Rox will wear daisies in their helmets just to tease the Yellow Jackets” and “In the evening over their sewing the players will discuss how good looking their new panties are” and “Yes sir, it is time to quit when a guy like Bud Boeringer dons silk togs”.  In another section of the paper someone wrote “The new pants are brilliant hued like milady’s Sunday’s dress or evening gown”.  Rockne’s defense of the pants was that they weighed only a third as much as regular pants.

The more things change?  Go Rox!

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