In today’s South Bend Tribune there is an article about the top 2014 recruit (Jay Hayes) that gave us a verbal yesterday...

The kid has never taken a visit to ND!  This is a great sign, because our “visits” always are a highlight. But, in the article about his recruitment, Hayes indicates to me that he is an RKG (right kind of guy) for ND.  I am quoting from Tribune writer Tyler James:

“He typed a Facebook message to Irish sophomore linebacker Ishaq Williams, a fellow native of Brooklyn, N.Y., to find out what the university was like but knowing Williams would be busy in the middle of his season.  To his surprise, Hayes heard back from Williams.  And found out everything he wanted to know.  “He told me you have to find your fun at Notre Dame but at the end of the day once you graduate and get your degree, you’re set for life”, Hayes said.

Here are the things I REALLY like about this:

  1. Our current players are our best recruiters;
  2. Even when they are having disappointing seasons* themselves;
  3. *Hendrix has also helped us with a top recruit;
  4. Our players understand the big picture (ND Degree) that we emphasize;
  5. Our players understand that the small picture (finding fun at ND-LOL) can wait; and
  6. This recruit looks like he has his head on straight………….on a VERY large body.

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