In my previous note, I looked at our QB’s for their college WINS and HONORS.  It’s hard to dispute Lujack and Bertelli as #1 and #2 in that category.
Here’s another way to look at the QB’s.  How did they do, over their ND career, in Yards per Attempt.  This stat gives the QB credit for his completion percentage and the length of the throws he has completed.  Here’s the ND All-Time Top Ten:

  1. Kevin McDougal               9.86        A Powlus injury got him on the field, but he nearly won a National Championship
  2. John Huarte                       9.19        Like, Kevin, a one year starter with a GREAT season
  3. Jarious Jackson                 8.99        ND’s most under-rated QB, played during a down period
  4. Joe Theismann                  8.67        Great runner
  5. Rick Mirer                            8.59        Set NFL rookie record for attempts, completions, and yards (broken by Peyton M.)
  6. George Izo                          8.38        Low %, but lots of long throws
  7. Tony Rice                             8.29        Very low %, but fooled the D, and was throwing to Rocket
  8. Joe Montana                     8.00        Greatest NFL QB ever by some measures
  9. Ron Powlus                        7.85        Perhaps our top QB “recruit” ever
  10. Steve Beuerlein                7.68        Underappreciated at ND AND in the NFL

An oddity is that Joe Montana’s NFL rate was 7.50, tied with ND’s George Ratterman and just ahead of Daryle Lamonica (7.4), neither of whom made this list.  Steve Beuerlein is at 7.2 in the NFL (tied with Terry Bradshaw).  Joe Theismann is the next ND man, at 7.0.  Frank Tripucka and Rick Mirer were tied at 5.9.

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