I just heard from one of my Ushers who is going to the Bowl Game with his son.  This Usher lives in Ohio and drives several hours each way to work for free for Notre Dame.  I told him that he’s one of the few guys I’ve heard from who has gotten tickets.  I asked him how he got them.  Here’s his answer...

I took a chance and let me explain. This year I saw something that I have never seen in the past years. That difference was heart. In past years we always seemed to lose the games we should have won and this year I believed because there wasn’t anything that seemed to keep the Irish from being motivated and they had the “killer instinct” to win.

My wife and I were talking on the drive home from a game in mid-season and I told her I feel that this is the year. Even my son said I seemed different this year in that previous years I would say things when we were ahead like…just wait as it isn’t over yet. I told my wife I believe that we could go undefeated this year and go to the National Championship. She told me to get the tickets ordered and she wanted me and Matt to go.

I knew that tickets and the hotel would be most difficult so I checked in to getting both items taken care of. Remember that there were still 5 games to be played so this was a gutsy move on my part.

I checked into getting tickets online and they were cheap as they weren’t sure who was going to be in the NC game. I thought the price was high (and that’s when they said if ND was to go to the NC game that the tickets would be 4 times the price) so I ordered them. They also explained that if my team didn’t go to the NC game that I could have them sell the tickets for what they could get for them with a 90-10 split. I then made the hotel arrangements with the hotel 4 miles from Sun Life Stadium. I booked the hotel before they realized that a bowl game was coming to town as the price was incredibly low. I booked air fare direct from Columbus, Oh (where Matt lives) to Miami the day after beating USC and that price was surprisingly lower than I thought it would be.

I tried to get an additional set of tickets after the last game with USC and online they were $1500.00+ each.

So, now we know what it takes to get tickets……FAITH in ND!

Merry Christmas and Go Irish!

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