Are you aware of the ND Football connection to the Harvey Wallbanger?...


The Harvey Wallbanger is an alcoholic beverage or cocktail made with vodkaGalliano, andorange juice.

According to Wikipedia, the drink was invented by Donato “Duke” Antone, a famed mixologist, who also invented the “rusty nail” and the “White Russian”, among other specialties.

But, also according to Wikipedia, the drink received its international prominence by a Galliano salesman named George Bednar.  Irish football fans from 50 years ago will remember George Bednar as a tackle on the 1961-63 teams.  He was listed as 6’3, 240.  I can believe the 6’3 part, but 240# was what George probably weighed in the 8th grade.  He was a monster.  George ranks with Mike “The Bear” Webster and Pete “The Diesel” Duranko, as the three football players who MOST looked like football players.  Nobody was going to mistake those guys for members of the Glee Club.  After ND, Bednar played a couple years in the NFL.

George died five years ago this week.  His obituary included the following:

Bednar created precedent-setting promotions for many of the top spirits' brands, including Bacardi, Stolichnaya, and Johnny Walker.  In the early '80s, Mr. Bednar founded Promotion Systems, Inc. to provide promotion and marketing consulting services to broader companies, such as J&J, Playtex and Seagrams.

In 1981, Mr. Bednar bought the Sandanona Shooting Preserve in Millbrook, NY -- the oldest private shooting preserve in the US.
In subsequent years, he built it into the top shooting sports business in the Northeast, with pheasant, duck and goose hunts.

He also built a premier shooting school on the premises and created a world class regulation Sporting Clays course.

During this period, he became an important influence at the Sporting Clay's Association of America, both as a member of its Board of Directors and as a top-tier sporting clays competitor.

In 2004, he founded SunCalc, Ltd. to manufacture and market the patented and trademarked SunCalc sunlight measuring device. This unique product enables home gardeners and landscapers to match a plant's light requirements with the actual sunlight conditions in the specific garden area.

Mr. Bednar was a born entrepreneur and a natural salesman who enjoyed a balanced life. He was a true outdoorsman who loved shooting, fishing, and golf.

He was a passionate Conservative who always enjoyed engaging others in lively debate.

In recent years, his greatest joy were his eight grandchildren. His daughter Susan described her dad as "larger than life at times -- he was a big guy and had a great sense of humor."

His own boss most of his life, he enjoyed his success and his family, but never took himself too seriously.

So……..the next time you’re hoisting a Harvey Wallbanger, say a thanks to George Bednar, ND, 1964.

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