Justin and I became frriends when he played here...

We defeated Michigan one game largely because of a safety we got because Tuck was held while the QB was in the end zone.  That series of plays was right in front of my usual spot in the end zone.  After the game, I told Justin that he was held on EVERY play.  He was an outstanding pass rush, the best I’d seen since Ross Browner.

For several years I traveled with the football team.  When we took the bus ride to the stadium, each player had their own way to get their mind set for the game.  As we passed a route sign that was #44 (Justin’s number), I pointed to it when he caught my eye.  When the bus parked at the stadium, we walked past parking spot #44 (I pointed to it as Justin walked beside me).  As we walked through the stadium concourse to get to the locker room, we passed section 44.  He looked at me.  The door to our locker room was number 44.  We exchanged glances.  He had a big game.  Natch.

This is a wonderful interview.  The end of it is quite powerful.

Happy New Year and Go Irish!

Strong and TrueJustin Tuck - 125 Football - University of Notre Dame

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