Scholastic, 1946

Jan 05, 2013

Welcome to Notre Dame! This greeting is extended to all Freshmen, returned veterans, and everyone on the campus...

Our Lady receives you with open arms.  Here are a few practices which are part of our daily routine: it is customary to greet those encountered on the campus even though their names are not known, and for civilians to tip their hats to the religious; it is also customary for every student to visit the Grotto at least once a day; it is traditionally improper for the students to use the front steps of the Administration building until the day of graduation; it is also traditionally improper for any student to smoke in the old quadrangle; uniformed men in marching array are always given the right-of-way; and the Notre Dame monogram is the only athletic emblem worn on the campus. The Notre Dame Scholastic made its first appearance on the campus in September, 1867. Although the character of the magazine has changed over the years, it still is, as it was in those days, a valuable source of information for anyone who wishes to keep abreast of events at Notre Dame. In the early days strict disciplinary supervision over the students was maintained. One hundred years ago the Notre Dame boy rose at 5:30 for prayer and meditation. At 6:30 he attended Mass, which was followed by a brief period of study and breakfast. The rest of the morning was set aside for classes, except for a 15-minute recreation period. Following the noon-day meal classes began at 1:30 and continued uninterrupted until 4:00, when 30 minutes of recreation was allowed the pupils. They went back to their books until 6:00, when they gathered for a spiritual conference and prayer. After supper there was another study period. Promptly at 9:00 everyone was in bed, and glad to be there too!

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