There is no question that Alabama is a very deserving National Champion this year.

Some of their other “claimed” National Championships are a little more questionable...

They claim the National Championship for the 1941 season.  They were THIRD in the SEC and 20th in the final wire service poll.  Hmmm. 

They also claim the 1973 National Championship!  They were undefeated and ranked #1 going into the Sugar Bowl.  I seem to recall that they lost to a Midwestern parochial school.  Apparently the Sports Information Department at Alabama missed that outcome.  Using this logic, ND must be the National Champion THIS YEAR! 

If you ask the College Football Hall of Fame who leads in consensus National Championships, this is what they will tell you: 

I look at consensus titles.  How can you have more than one national champion?   Makes no sense.  You don’t have more than one WS winner, Super Bowl winner etc.  My math has ND with 11, Bama with 9. How can Alabama look themselves in the mirror and claim years like 1941 and 1973 among others?

By the way, if you use Alabama-math, ND has 21 National Championships.  We have 11 consensus titles and 10 co-championships (and, we are not counting this season!)

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