During the Charlie Weis era, he talked about bringing in one of his New Jersey buddies (either Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen) for a big ND Stadium concert for charity.  Has Notre Dame Stadium ever been used for such a large-scale show?...


When?  May 28, 1945.

What was the purpose?  A War Bonds show to support our efforts in WWII. 

Here’s the part I like about this.  The entertainer who headlined this show, in 1945, has also appeared in the Old Fieldhouse; Stepan Center; AND the Joyce Center.

Who is he?

Hint:                      When I lived in Studio City, California, his home in Toluca Lake was less than two miles from mine.

Second Hint:      He was once a professional boxer, with the name Packy East.

Third Hint:           He was foreign born but grew up in Cleveland, later being part owner of the Cleveland Indians.

Fourth Hint:        The second headliner was Bing Crosby.

Fifth Hint:            In 1962, Notre Dame honored him with its Patriot of the Year award.

Bob Hope!

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