The sharp-eyed readers among you will note that in my recent ND Football trivia quiz I listed Jay Berwanger from Yale, instead of Chicago, substituting one great academic school for another.  Since Notre Dame has never defeated either of these two schools in football, and is not likely to ever play them again, I thought it would be interesting to see how the Irish have fared against the top academic schools...

In the latest rankings by US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, here are the top National Universities:

T1.          Harvard                never played

T1.          Princeton            ND leads 2-0 (1923 and 1924)—the Four Horsemen teams, under Rockne

3.            Yale*                     ND is 0-1 (28-0 shellacking in 1914)---Rockne’s first year as Assistant Coach

                                                *can make the claim that they have won the most National Championships

T4.          Columbia             never played, but Rockne agreed to leave ND to coach them.  He was able to negate the contract

T4.          Chicago                ND is 0-4, all under Amos Alonzo Stagg.  The only “Big Ten” school ND has never defeated

T6.          MIT                        never played

T6.          Stanford              ND leads 18-9.  This season’s meeting was the only time two top ranked Universities were also

                                                Top ranked in football

T8.          Duke                     ND leads 3-1      

T8.          Penn                     ND leads 5-0-1

T10.        Cal Tech               never played

T10.        Dartmouth          ND leads 2-0.  ND and Dartmouth are considered to have the best Alumni Associations, based upon

                                                Attendance at alumni events and % of alumni making donations

12.          Northwestern   ND leads 37-8-2.  Northwestern won four in a row (1959-1962) coached by a guy named Ara

13.          Johns Hopkins   never played

14.          Washington U.  ND leads 1-0 over this University from St. Louis, not the University of Washington, over whom

                                                Notre Dame is 8-0

T15.        Brown                   never played

T15.        Cornell                  never played

T17.        Notre Dame      

T17.        Rice                        ND leads 4-0

T17.        Vanderbilt           ND leads 2-0

20.          Emory                   never played

I decided to look at some other college academic ranking lists.

For some reason that I cannot fathom, the Naval Academy is listed among “National Liberal Arts Colleges”, ranked at #14. This is Notre Dame’s longest standing rival.  We lead the series 73-12-1.  We have played them for 86 consecutive years, which is the NCAA all-time record for an intersectional series.

Among “Regional Colleges-Midwest”, Notre Dame is 4-0 over #2 Ohio Northern and 3-0 over #11 Franklin.

Among “Undergraduate Engineering Colleges” there is some duplication, but ND is 4-0 versus #3T. Cal-Berkley; 26-5-1 versus #5T. Georgia Tech; 11-0-1 versus #5T. Illinois; 16-23-1 versus #7. Michigan (our oldest rival); 15-4 versus #8T. Carnegie Mellon (with one of those losses being Rockne’s most embarrassing….he took them so lightly that he did go to the game, preferring to scout an upcoming opponent instead.  That was Carnegie Tech’s motivation in the upset.  Rockne also lost to Carnegie Tech in a home game immediately following the “Win One for The Gipper” road upset of Army.  Versus #10T. Purdue, ND is 56-26-2.  Versus #10T. Texas, ND is 8-2.

Among “Regional Universities-Midwest”, Notre Dame leads 3-0 versus #2 Butler and leads 8-0 versus #3 Drake and 1-0 versus #4T Valparaiso.

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