Dear Feebs: Yes,'s a little follow up for you.

For 11 years, I worked for Gavin de Becker, who became a top authority on celebrity stalkers because of his Hollywood client list.  He tried to learn all he could about the history of stalking of celebrities, in order to understand the actions of the current caseload of crazies who were writing letters to our clients.

During one of our meetings on this topic, I pointed out that Ruth Steinhagen may have been the first of this type.  Her story fascinated him.  Afterwards, Robert Redford, one of our clients, obtained the part of Roy Hobbs, in the movie “The Natural”.  Gavin told Redford all about the Steinhagen obsession with Waitkus and eventual shooting.  Redford, who fancied himself as a baseball aficionado, ate up all of this information.  I collected 5-6 Waitkus baseball cards and de Becker made a nice display of them and presented them to Redford, who displayed it in his home.  I wonder how many times guests at Redford’s home have asked him where he got it!

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Cappy, you probably already saw this bit of baseball history news but just in case you didn't. Phiebs

I thought you'd like this:

Ruth Ann Steinhagen, who inspired scene in 'The Natural,' dies at 83
Ruth Ann Steinhagen, whose shooting of Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Eddie Waitkus in 1949 inspired part of the novel "The Natural," died in Chicago at 83.

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