Notre Dame has more players and coaches enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame than any other college...

The list does not include at least 10 men with Notre Dame connections.  The following College Football Hall of Fame Coaches all played at Notre Dame, but achieved their coaching fame elsewhere.  It’s also not a coincidence that all of them were associated with Knute Rockne, who coached more than 35 players who went on to become coaches.

Gus Dorais                          Rockne’s roommate & the QB who passed to him in the 1913 Army game which introduced the forward pass to the national audience

Harry Baujan                      ND end, 1913-16.  Played opposite to Rockne (1913) & during Rockne’s first three years as Assistant Coach

Charlie Bachman              Played Fullback & Guard (earned All American) during Rockne’s first three years as Assistant Coach, 1914-16)

Jim Phelan                          ND QB, 1915-17 (Captain), during Rockne’s 2nd-4th years as Assistant Coach

Slip Madigan                      Played guard during 1916-17, with Rockne as Assistant Coach

Dr. Eddie Anderson         Played end, 1918-21 (All American & Captain) during Rockne’s first four years as Head Coach

(Incidentally, Rockne’s 1918 Fullback, Earl Curly Lambeau, went on to an outstanding NFL Head Coaching Career)

Buck Shaw                          Played tackle, 1919-21 (All American), during Rockne’s 2nd-4th years as Head Coach

(Shaw also had an outstanding NFL Head Coaching career, winning a title when he became the only coach to defeat Vince Lombardi in a Championship Game)

Frank Thomas                    A Rockne QB, 1920-22, and Alabama’s first great coach

A couple other asterisks for ND connections to the College Football Hall of Fame would be Barry Alvarez, who was our Defensive Coordinator before moving on to Wisconsin as Head Coach, from where he became a member of the College Football Hall of Fame; and Pat O’Dea, the great Wisconsin star runner and kicker, who later became a Notre Dame Head Coach.

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