Can anyone name the ND QBs (from the past 60 years) who never tasted defeat as a starter for their career?...

Pat Dillingham       2002       1-0 as walk-on starter, after injury

Paul Failla              1992-93  2-0 as fill-in starter, used as goal-line QB

Kent Graham         1987       1-0 left ND for nice career at OSU and NFL

Mike Courey          1979-80  4-0 not a bad replacement %

Bill Etter                1971       2-0 an injury hurt his career

Pat Steenberge       1971       2-0 organizes alumni games now

Coley O’Brien       1966       1-0 win cinched our National Championship

Tom Schoen          1965       1-0 Ara preferred Bill Zloch

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