Most of us were born in 1944. What was the country like back then?...

February              Batman and Robin comic strip premieres in newspapers

June                      Congress charters the CIA

November          Johns Hopkins Hospital performs the first open heart surgery

Sports Champions           St. Louis Cardinals, Montreal Canadians, and Green Bay Packers

Life expectancy                62.9        (“Yikes”, says this 69 year old)

Some costs:

New House                        $3,475

New Car                               $975/mo

Rent                                      $50/mo

Harvard tuition                  $420/yr

Movie ticket                       .40

Gasoline                              .15/gal

Stamp                                   .03

Average income               $3,475/yr

Entertainers born this year:

Diana Ross                          March 26

George Lucas                     May 14

Gary Busey                         June 29

Barry White                        September 12

Michael Douglas               September 25

Danny DeVito                    November 17


“I’ll Get By”                         Harry James

“I’ll Walk Alone”               Dinah Shore

“Mairzy Dotes”                 Merry Macs


Going My Way

Double Indemnity

Other news