#1 for the 4th year in a row...

In recognition of this prestigious accomplishment, Deloitte and General Electric (GE) have sponsored a congratulatory ad that will run tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal (Thursday 5/30/13, WSJ Section A, US and Asia editions).  For your information, a copy of the ad is attached. 

As you might imagine, a broad spectrum of measures contribute to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek rankings. Their surveys to students cover teaching, academic services, and career support; surveys to employers gauge which schools produce the highest quality of graduates; and they also use an academic metric that includes SAT scores, student to faculty ratios, class size, internship participation, time devoted to class work, percentage of students continuing on to graduate work and starting salaries for graduates.    

It is terrific to see Notre Dame’s consistent dedication to excellence on display at the Mendoza College of Business as they develop future generations of business leaders.


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