This bio leaves out that Larry had his biggest hit song (Dear One) while he was a student at ND...

I met Larry in 1970.  He and I were both Big Brothers, here in South Bend, when he died, in 1973.  He was a very fine man.

Larry Finnegan

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John Lawrence Finneran,[1] better known by his stage name Larry Finnegan (Some have him listed with stage name "Larry Finneran" but that is incorrect)(October 10, 1938 – July 22, 1973) was an American pop singer.

Born in New York, Finnegan's only hit in the U.S. was 1962's "Dear One" (Old Town), which went to #11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100[2] and climbed to #1 in Australia. The recording had sold one million copies by 1966, earning a gold disc.[1]

In the mid-1960s Finnegan moved to Sweden, where he had more hits. In 1966 he started his own record label SvenskAmerican,[1] which published his own records - for example the singles "Good Morning Tears" and "Bound for Houston" - and also records with the Swedish group Sven-Ingvars. Finnegan recorded several records in Swedish, such as "Maria, min vän" (Maria, my friend) and "Hälsa hem till mamma" (Send your greetings to my mamma) in 1967. After that he moved to Switzerland, and in 1970 back to the United States.

He died of a brain tumor at age 34 in 1973.[3]

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