...ND enrolled students mostly from lower income backgrounds...

Most students held jobs on campus, with working in the dining halls being a primary one.  Here’s an interesting item from the SCHOLASTIC, from the early 1870’s:

Catholic young men whose limited means prevent them from obtaining an education are offered a good chance.  To such as are accustomed to or are able to do, farm work, five months schooling will be given for five months of work.  They may enter at any time and arrange with the President.  However, as too many may apply, applicants must write to the President before coming, and state particulars about themselves, and receive a favorable answer before presenting themselves in person.  

Notre Dame ran a very large farming operation for many years.  Fortunately they never had to rely on the cow milking; broccoli-tending; cattle herding; and chicken plucking of the Capster to operate in the 1960’s.  LOL.

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