How many people know that ND once had a "branch" college in Wisconsi...

Sacred Heart College, of Watertown, Wisconsin, was created by Fr. Sorin and operated under the auspices of C.S.C. Priests from Notre Dame.

It was in business from 1872 through 1912, at which time it ceased to be a college and became the college for the Holy Cross Brothers.  At that time, all postulants from Dujarie Institute at Notre Dame were transferred to Sacred Heart and the College students at Sacred Heart were transferred to Notre Dame.

I first came across the name Sacred Heart College, during the late 1970’s, while doing research on the college affiliations of Major League Baseball Players.  Among the students at Sacred Heart in 1899, were future Baseball Hall of Famer Addie Joss and his future Major League catcher, Red Kleinow.  Had Addie Joss not died at such an early age, he would be in the discussion as one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history.

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