To the "Old Boys"...


VOL. LV. OCTOBER I, 1921. No. 2.

To the grads and former students of Notre Dame, who have listened with tense nerves and pulses running high to the results of the annual N. D.-Nebraska game in club rooms, newspaper shops and telegraph offices, year after year: "We are sorry, but we can't let you carry on in that well-worn fashion any longer. On October 27 the Nebraska football team will perform on our campus for the first time. Your place will not be in the club room, or the

newspaper shop or the telegraph office, but on the sidelines at Cartier Field, with the blue-clad boys fighting there before you, and the whole student body cheering beside you. "Will that one scene not be worth coming a hundred or ten hundred miles to witness and to join in? We are expecting you. This game has not been arranged for the benefit of the students here, but for the entire Notre Dame world, of which we have always considered you an essential part.

"We know that you have been planning to visit us for a long time now. Here is your chance to stroll down the "quad" again, past the grotto and the lake and over to St. Mary's—your chance to see the faces of that happy bunch of fellows you left on graduation day. Come down and swap experiences. You may not have made a millions-do you suppose we care for that? We want you and your "spirit." "Now for a few pointers. Send in your reservation for tickets early.  This will facilitate matters for us in the office. Grandstand seats may be obtained for $2.50 and box seats for $3.00. The reservation must be accompanied with the money. Make all checks payable to K. K. Rockne, Athletic Director, Notre Dame."


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