When we get on the Hill St. car in 1933...

To visit Notre Dame again, what changes will there be?

The golden dome, the dreamy shade, the lilacs, and the grass

Will seem as lovely' as of old, when soberly we pass —

But where is Father So-and-So, who hateth cigarettes.

And writeth the demerits down, and never quite forgets?

Say, Where's the prof who taught us law and gave a thousand cases.

And where are John and Bill and Joe—the bad familiar faces?

The answer comes from field and lake, from class-room and from hall:

"We're here, old boy, we're always here, we've never left at all;

They're bald old cranks the country round, with money and-a name.

But John and Bill and Father Mac? Why, we're at Notre Dame."


G. N.

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