Dear Margaret:

John Brisben Walker was one of the founders of this wonderful car.

I have been doing a lot of research on him as part of a book I’m working on……….about famous ND folks that not a lot of people know about.  Walker attended Notre Dame, not as part of our university, but in our elementary school program.  A lot of people who later had wonderful lives, began as “Minims“ at Notre Dame.

He is one of the most fascinating multi-talented characters of the turn of the 19th Century.

Among his other accomplishments was being one of the first owners of Cosmopolitan Magazine, when it was one of the leading family magazines.

He also was a big figure in the development of parts of Colorado, where he donated the land used for the creation of Regis College.  He also had a military career, after his time at West Point.  Incidentally, Walker was not the only Notre Dame man who owned a prominent automobile company.  Not many people can give you the name of the man who scored Notre Dame’s first Touchdown.  Hal Jewett.  He was one of the top sprinters and all-around athletes of the late 1880’s and 1890’s.  Around 1910, he became owner of the Paige Motor Car Company, which made luxury cars.  A couple years later, they created a lower-cost model called the Jewett.  This made Hal the first of two Notre Dame football star to have automobiles named after them, with Knute Rockne being the second.

Thanks for the fine article on the Locomobile.


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