Kevin Hardy should be in every debate about ND's greatest athletes of the past 50 years...

He was a giant of a man, 6’5 and 280 pounds or so.  He was also the last man since Lujack and Ratterman (in the mid 40’s) to letter in three different sports at ND (they lettered in four).

Kevin is suffering from some serious health problems right now.

He had a total knee replacement which was not done well and is suffering some complications from that.  He also had neck surgery, during which his vocal chords were nicked.  He has been unable to eat or drink for many months, being nourished through medical means.  He will be in this condition for 4-6 more months.  He is down to 230 pounds.  He can’t talk for more than a few minutes.  Despite this, his spirits are good.

I pass this along for a couple reasons.  Sometimes we may view football players as people who were far more gifted that we are athletically and sometimes we may view them as gladiators, without realizing that the punishing game of football takes a heavy toll on the bodies of these players.

Kevin would appreciate it if you would drop him a note.  He may not be able to reply, but I know he would appreciate your concern.




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