Noticed that this bio left out John's ND graduation...

John did an army hitch before coming to ND……..that impressed me.  He also had a clever campaign slogan when he ran for Class President (Phillips 66).

When John was practicing law in L.A., I arranged a meeting with my boss, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County.  The two of them worked together on a handgun registration ballot initiative.  A little humor on this………my boss was a big-time conservative, while John was the liberal, but my boss was a believer in sensible controls on handguns.  He barked at John……..”I’ve been working on this issue for more than 20 years…….where were you back then!”  John pointed to me and said “I was at Notre Dame with Cappy”!

He’s a fine man and I wish him very well in this job.



John R. Phillips is the New US Ambassador to Italy

Giulia Madron (July 11, 2013)

John Phillips

President Obama nominated John R. Phillips as the new US Ambassador in Rome. His grandparents were Italians who emigrated to the United States. Their name was "Filippi," which then became "Phillips." Phillips will substitute David Thorne, who was in charge for four years.

After four years of  David Thorn's service as the American Ambassador in Rome, President Obama decided to pass the baton to John R. Phillips.

The famous lawyer from Washington, expert in class action and known especially for his successful battles against fiscal frauds, Phillips is one of the principal financiers of Obama's last political campaign. 

Phillips graduated from the prestigious University of Berkeley, in California, and is founder of the important Washington law firm Phillips & Coen. From now on he will  manage the relations between Italy and the US, and all during a very delicate situation both countries are facing, not only because of the Datagate scandal, but also because of the period of political instability that Italy is currently going through.  What also makes the situation difficult is the economic crisis that in Europe is far from seeing an end.

Married to the ex-collaborator of the White House Linda Douglass, Phillips has another important advantage that might have brought Obama to nominate him Ambassador in Rome. In fact, his grandparents were Italians who emigrated to the United States. Their name was "Filippi," which then became "Phillips." 

His family's past explains also the bond that the new Ambassador has with the "Bel Paese" and that he wanted to reinforce in 2001, when he bought and restructured a villa from the XIV century located near Siena, in Tuscany, which is now a luxurious Hotel. The new US Ambassador will arrive in Rome in the next couple of weeks.

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