This author was 100 years ahead of his time...

When we were younger, public schools did teach values and were God-fearing and taught patriotism.  No more.

The Public Schools

What ails our much-vaunted public school system? Why do our common schools fail to attain the ends for which they were established? To the many firm believers in the Public Schools, infallibility of our national institutions, these questions, may appear impious, but the facts are concrete. We are "up against it" on the public school question. From far and near comes the cry, give us a school system which will not only thoroughly train the child in the essential elements of knowledge, but so mold the varied and cosmopolitan offspring of our population that they will develop into active, patriotic and morally responsible citizens with the welfare of their country at heart. How, it is asked, is this to be done? By the unanimous opinion of thinkers, it can only be done by giving to our youth not only mental but moral training. An education which develops the mind and ignores the heart cannot fail to rear a godless, conscienceless, irresponsible class of men, fit for anarchy, socialism, individualism or any of the flagrant isms that are now flourishing. The Catholic Church by her system of parochial schools is avoiding this great mistake. She is solving the problems of our country, as educators and moralists say it must be solved. In doing so, however, she is not only doing her share to support the State schools, but bearing voluntarily the enormous burden of her own, schools. The injustice of the situation is obvious to every true disciple of justice and right. The time must come in the immediate future, when, the country will realize that the training of the heart and the mind go hand in hand. Those who have at heart the perpetuation of our nation as a world-power realize that they must have behind all else an enduring moral code. With the youth of our country trained to ideals of morality, of civic virtue and an all-abiding belief in God, there will be no doubt that our government shall live on untouched by the evils which have befallen so many of the nations that have been great, to worldly seeming.

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