How is the Notre Dame Club of St. Joseph Valley helping the Community with the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The good news is that your local Notre Dame Club has been supporting the community all along, and we are well positioned for our efforts to have a strong impact today.

For nearly ten years, the Notre Dame Club of St. Joseph Valley has supported two students doing a year of service after graduation via our Dr. Tom Dooley and Dr. Volker Blankenstein Fellowship programs. These two students, typically in a gap year before medical school, work at the Sr. Maura Brannick Health Center and the Family Medicine Center, supporting the underprivileged in the area.

Below are their stories from the front lines in our community. The dues you pay to the Notre Dame Club of St. Joseph Valley help support the stipends for Kristen Lentsch ‘19 and Stephen Schmit ‘19 in these medical fellowships.

Additionally, the Club is able to sponsor upwards of 10 students who participate in local Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) projects in our club area each year.

We rely on the support of St. Joseph Valley alumni, students, parents, and friends to fund the great work being done by the Dooley and Blankenstein fellows and the SSLP students in our community not only in times of crisis, but every day.

Please consider joining the club at or making a donation at If you already are a member, thank you immensely for supporting these community service initiatives.

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