Dear Joe:

I had many classes with Barry, since we both majored in Communication Arts, the GREATEST major at ND!

Here’s a humorous story………….when the Co-exchange program began, in our Senior Year, we were permitted to take classes at St. Mary’s, if they were not offered at ND.  I signed up for Acting.  I figured it would be an easy class and there would be girls.  There were only four in the class:  Barry, Pat Bauer (who has become one of the most prominent members of the Indiana Legislature for the past four decades) and Barry Barth (who became a successful TV Station manager).  They were all great guys, but I got more than enough of their company on our side of the road. 

My finally Barry Lopez story happened a few years ago when he was given an award from the Alumni Association.  There were three recipients:  Barry for the written word; a sculptor for his craft; and Hannah Storm for the broadcast field.  Barry had some kind of shoulder surgery and could not make the event.  He sent me his prepared remarks and I delivered his thank you.  I joked that Barry’s shoulder injury occurred from all the lifting he had to do with the many awards he has won.  It was a wonderful event, made more wonderful because I got to spend so much time with Hannah Storm who is a delightful person.  Another person I met at the same time was Frank Deford, who was a guest lecturer at ND.  One of the first assignments I had as a student working in Sports Publicity was to assist a young Sports Illustrated writer who was covering and ND-Michigan State Basketball game in the old Fieldhouse.  Because it was S.I., I happened to remember the name of this reporter.  Who knew that 40-some years later he would be one of the giants in sports journalism.  I reminded Frank of our earlier meeting when we were introduced.  Finally, for 11 years I provided protective services to a variety of movie stars.  For several weeks, in early 1988, I was in Baton Rouge, LA, on location with Jessica Lange while she was doing the movie “Everyone’s All American”.  Deford wrote the story upon which this movie was based.  Small world.


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