Back in those days, Cosmopolitan magazine was one of the leading family publications.  It’s owner/publisher when it became one of the leading publications was John Brisben Walker, a former Notre Dame student, and one of the most fascinating men of his era.

I love the description of how men should live their lives and also the wonderful quote from the poet John Milton.



—The November (1902) number of the Cosmopolitan contains an excellent and very practical article, "The Captains of Industry," that would be

beneficial for one to read. The writer takes the prosperous men of to-day, and shows us what man may accomplish if he goes about his work

properly. The men of whom he speaks did not attain their ends by brooding over their environments; but their ideals were realized only after strong perseverance, constant application and unswerving fidelity to duty. If, like Milton, you would learn as though you would live forever and live as though you would die to-morrow, no man would ever regret the hours that God has given him to make good use of.

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