Here’s some data for some of our top QB’s.  This includes only those with 20 or more starts.

I have indicated where I have some holes in the research (too lazy to go to the SB Library to check on more microfilm).

I’m ranking QB’s by their wins as ND’s starter, even though winning percentage is a more valid measure:


          QB                       Years                    Starts          W-L-T

1-Angelo Bertelli            1941-1943            36               30-3-3

Bertelli was not the QB in 1941.  He was the left half in the single-wing style offense, but as our leading passer, I included that year.

1942 was the year that Frank Leahy switched ND to the T-Formation.  This was considered such a dramatic change from the prior

offenses, that he reputedly asked the College President for permission!  Imagine Brian Kelly asking Fr. Jenkins for his views on the “spread”!

2-Tom Clements             1972-1974            34               29-5

Somewhat under-remembered as QB for the Irish, but very successful.

3-Ron Powlus                1994-1997            46               29-16-1

A definite victim of over-hype, but he had fine stats with teams which did not have great offensive players.

4-Brady Quinn               2003-2006            46               29-17

Charlie Weis made Quinn.  If he had not been thrust into action as a frosh, under Willingham, Brady’s record would have been even better,

And Weis would have had a veteran QB to keep us from the 3-9 season in 2007.

5-Tony Rice                   1987-1989            31               28-3

Our only full-time option QB, he was one of our very most successful.  Odd that Lou did not bring in more of this type.

6-Rick Mirer                  1990- 1992            34               28-7-1

Very solid QB for ND.

7-Ralph Guglielmi         1951-1954            30               25-3-2

Fantastic record.  First round NFL pick.  May have an extra couple wins from 1951.

8-Gus Dorais                 1910-1913            28               24-1-3

Back in his day, the QB was more like the Field General, but the tiny Dorais was also one of the first top QB passers.

9-Terry Hanratty            1966-1968            26               21-4-1

An all-time ND great; like Bertelli, he was a three time Heisman finalist.

10-Steve Beuerlein         1983-1986            40               21-18-1               

Long NFL career.  Played mostly during the Faust era.

12- Johnny Lujack         1943, 46-47          22               20-1-1

He and George Connor should lead the discussion about ND’s greatest All-Time player.

13-Joe Theismann          1968-1970            25               20-3-2

Prototypical spread QB, if he played today.  Second in Heisman.

14-Joe Montana             1975-1978            25               20-5

Probably should get credit for a couple more wins, as “reliever”.  ND’s greatest NFL player.

15-Frank Carideo          1929-1930            19*             19-0

*Some additional wins as QB in 1928 season.  No passing by QB in his era.  Field General.

Two-time All American and led us to two National Championships.

16-Harry Stuhldreher    1923-1924            20               19-1

Some additional wins as QB in 1922 season.  No passing by QB in his era.  Field General.

17-Blair Kiel                  1980-1983            29               18-9-2

Faust’s other primary QB.  Too bad his nephew did not stick it out at ND.

18-Jimmy Clausen         2007-2009            34               16-18

Had to play hurt, instead of redshirt, his frosh year, and left with another year of eligibility.

Weis would have had a far better record if Brady had redshirted and played in 2007

And Clausen had redshirted and played healthy for three or four years.

19-Tommy Rees            2010-2013            22               16-6

Rees has five more game to add to his win total.  Needs four wins to tie Montana, Theismann, and Lujack.

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