There are so many wonderful architectural features on our campus...

that sometimes we take them for granted or don’t fully appreciate them.  How many know the names of the 16 statues which were put up on the sides of buildings which were erected in the 30’s and 40’s?  The next time you’re on campus, why not take a walking tour to study them!  These statues do not include the sculptures of Knute Rockne and the two terriers on the east side of Alumni Hall.


St. Bonaventure (east court, upper side)

St. Thomas Aquinas (east court, lower niche by entrance)

Graduate Student (south tower)



St. Jerome (west court, upper niche) (south wing)— scholar-historian (I lived in Dillon-LOL)

St. Augustine (west court, lower niche)—one of the great thinkers of the Church and the patron saint of brewers, printers (aha!), and theologians.

Cardinal Newman (above southwest entrance)---does it appear that the person who put up these statues favored Dillon Hall?

St. Patrick (south wall)—Dillon is named after Fr. Patrick Dillon, ND President, 1865-1866

Commodore Barry (west court)---Barry was known as the “Founder of the American Navy”.  Dillon Hall housed V-12 Navy students during WWII.



St. Timothy (south, above arch)

Howard is named after 1862 grad Timothy Howard, who became a distinguished ND Professor and Indiana Supreme Court Justice.



St. Andrew (to be put in soon over main entrance)

Morrissey is named after Fr. Andrew Morrissey, ND President, 1893-1905



St. Joseph (above arch) 

Lyons is named after 1862 Grad, Joseph Lyons, who became a distinguished ND English professor.



St. Raphael (south wing)—The “Healer” in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Good Shepherd (above main entrance)



St. Christopher (above main entrance)



St. Thomas More (above west entrance)

Christ the King (south tower)

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