Rock star Jon Bon Jovi's son, Jesse...

is currently a walk-on cornerback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team.

While Bon Jovi was being interviewed by NBC's Notre Dame crew prior to kickoff of the team’s game vs. BYU, he was asked what his feelings were when his son ran out on the field in South Bend.

“You cry like a baby, every mom or dad that put their kid in a helmet and a pair of pads dreams of the day that they are going to run of the tunnel at place like Notre Dame,” Bon Jovi said. “[Notre Dame] is a really hollowed and sacred ground, to be a part of this culture is fantastic for everyone involved.”

After Bon Jovi hears that Ruth Ann Heberle was retiring, after being in charge of Stadium Medical Services for 
the past 20 years or so, he showed up for a photo with her.

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