Since we're playing Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl, here's a little bit of trivia...

In 1900, Rutgers hired Mike Daly as their Football Coach.  He led them to a 4-4 record in his only year at the helm.

Here’s a news item about this hire, from the NEW YORK SUN: 


NEW BRUNSWICK, Sept. 30.—At a mass meeting the students of Rutgers College subscribed about $400 toward the expenses of the football team. Michael Daly of Notre Dame University, Indiana, has been engaged as coach. Captain Mann is confident that the eleven will make a good showing this year.

Mike was from New Brunswick, NJ, home of Rutgers, so he was not difficult for them to find.  He played LH and RH for the Irish, in 1896 and 1897. In 1896, he scored 30 points, with two TD’s (worth four points each) and 11-15 on extra points (worth two points each). In 1897, he scored at least 31 points.  The exact amount is unknown because I have not found a box score for the St. Viator game. Against the University of Chicago, on November 6, 1897, Daly made a 30 yard field goal, for our only points in a 34-5 loss (field goals were five points at that time). This field goal was the first “Princeton Kick”, on Marshall Field, in Chicago.  This referred to using a holder, instead of a drop kick, which was the common method in those days, with that rugby-shaped ball. Incidentally, Rutgers and Princeton played in the first ever football game, in 1869, with Rutgers winning.

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