Over the years...

...I have had the good fortune to have worked with several truly brainy folks, in several different fields.  I was many levels below him on the org chart, but Fr. Ted Hesburgh was a giant for 35 years as a University President and Church leader and I had the opportunity to see his work at close hand and participate with him on a couple of projects.  Gavin de Becker (author of THE GIFT OF FEAR) is one of the country’s leading authorities on stalking, predicting violent behavior, and protecting media figures.  Mike Carrington is an expert on juvenile delinquency and bank robberies.  Don Wurth and Bill Mattman are leading experts in the field of personal protection.  Pat Gallagher created ideas for reforming public safety services in the 1970’s, most of which are still ahead of their time today.  George Kelling wrote the article “Broken Windows”, which has guided a lot of the thinking about policing urban areas today.  Pierce Brooks (author of OFFICER DOWN; CODE THREE), invented the VICAP system for investigating violent serial crime.  Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess won six terms in Los Angeles because he maintained a level of professionalism and effectiveness that won the respect of the voters of the very diverse Los Angeles County and did so with overwhelming vote percentages.  He was a leading conservative voice in the field.  Previously, I had worked for former NYPD Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy (author of COMMISSIONER), perhaps the leading liberal voice in law enforcement.  Bill James created Sabermetrics and helped pioneer the way baseball statistics are viewed.  All of these men were friends and colleagues.  Even in my hobby of playing duplicate bridge, I have been proud to have a friendly email exchange with top expert/authors Mel Colchamiro and Marty Bergen.

Lou Riccio is another one of those gifted folks and I would like to tout him today.

Over the past four decades, Lou has combined his passion for golf with his engineering training and creative insights to come up with some revolutionary approaches to improve the game of golf and your personal results on the course.

His latest effort is Golf’s Pace of Play Bible.  The sub-title of the book is “A Practical Guide and Plan for Improving Golf’s Pace of Play and the Science Behind it”.

You can purchase it on Amazon.com (along with my book, NOTRE DAME BASEBALL GREATS—sorry for the shameless plug).

I first met Lou when we both worked at a police think tank in D.C., in the late 70’s.  We were golfing buddies then, when we weren’t talking about police subjects (or baseball).  Lou has a Ph.D. in Engineering from Lehigh University.  He has been able to apply his operations research-engineering approach to solving police problems; municipal problems (as an executive in the cabinet of the Mayor of New York City); and in the sport of golf.

Lou did pioneering work in the 70’s which helped the USGA develop its “slope system”.  Lou is an original member of the USGA’s Handicap Research Team.

In 1977, he developed the game’s first complete statistical rating system, “The Golf Analyzer”.  You can purchase this software to study and analyze your play.

Lou’s awards and accomplishments in golf are too numerous to mention here, but he is a professional advisor to “Golf Digest”.  Over the years, he has had many articles published in most of the top golf publications.

Lou is on the faculty of Columbia University.  He is head of the school’s Consortium for Advanced Sports Analytics.  Neither he nor I ever thought you could actually get paid to do stuff like this………LOL!

If you’re a golf junkie, you should look up and purchase “The Golf Analyzer”, to help improve your game, along with Lou’s latest book, Golf’s Pace of Play Bible.  After reading this book, you may want to give it to the pro at your local club, or that slow foursome which is always in front of you.

After your golf game improves by a couple strokes and you lead the way to speeding up play at your local course, you can send your thanks to Lou and me.

Merry Christmas. 


P.S.  Lou loves to talk golf more than anything.  If you want to do golf talk or have him answer a golf question, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him.

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