One of my favorite Christmas songs is the ttached song by Darlene Love...

Merry Christmas!

She was one of the big stars of the early 60’s.  She had big hits with “He’s a Rebel” and “Today I met the Boy I’m Going to Marry”, among many others.  When I accompanied Cher on her 1990 World Tour, Darlene was one of Cher’s back-up singers.  We hit it off right away for two reasons.  The first was that I knew all of her old songs and we had great conversations about the songs, and singers, and groups of those great days of Rock and Roll.  The other reason that we were close was that neither one of us liked to sleep in the berths of our tour bus.  On the long bus rides from our previous venue to our next hotel, she and I would each watch movies in the lounge in the front and sleep on the opposite couches in the lounge.  I told her that I never dreamed that I would one day be “sleeping with” Darlene Love.  LOL.

Dave Letterman has maintained a 25 year tradition of featuring Darlene and this song during Christmas week.


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Darlene Love on David Letterma…


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