When my parents and I were looking at dorm picks for my freshman year...

we noticed that Stanford Hall was more expensive ($25?) than Breen-Phillips.  That made the decision easy for the Gagnon’s.  I always presumed that the “rich kids” lived in Stanford.  In case you wonder for whom that dorm was named, here’s an item about him from the SCHOLASTIC:

Prominent Alumnus Attorney Addresses Law Students

Grattan Stanford, New York City, vice-president and legal counsel for the Sinclair Oil Company, spoke informally to the students of the College of Law of the University recently. Mr. Stanford, a graduate of Notre Dame in the class of 1904, is a member of the Board of Lay Trustees of the University and an outstanding attorney. 

He has appeared many times before the Supreme Court of the United States. His career with Sinclair almost parallels the history of that  organization. He has also been active in alumni groups of Notre Dame, in the national association and in the Notre Dame Club of New York, having acted as co-chairman with Postmaster General Frank C. Walker for the recent program at the rally preceding the Army-Notre Dame game. 

Dean Clarence E. Manion introduced Mr. Stanford to the law students. The guest speaker spent the week at Notre Dame following the meeting of the trustees on Friday, Nov. 12.  Mr. Stanford was a member of the Board of Editors of the SCHOLASTIC in 1903 and 1904.

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