My primary dormitory regret at ND was that I never lived in Sorin Hall...

Here’s a SCHOLASTIC article about the “Sorin sub”:

John Adams can stretch his hands out in his room, flattening both palms against the walls. Among famous sub dwellers were Frank Walker, postmaster general. Frank Carver found his name carved in Room 9. There have always been some members of the football team in the Sub. Knute Rockne is reported to have roomed with Gus Dorais in Room 15 when they were seniors. Coach Leahy also lived down under in his student days. Present stars of the Sub are Herb Coleman, John Adams, Jim Mello and Frank Syzmanski. 

One thing never complained about by the residents is lack of  atmosphere. It begins at five in the morning, when the gremlins play ping-pong in the steam pipes, and continues until the last mouse is asleep at night. (Stories of rats are strictly rumors, and should be treated as such when heard.) Anyone who has seen "My Sister Eileen" in the movies can appreciate the manner in which the fine panoramic view is enjoyed.

Creighton Miller, Sub resident during the Semester Holiday says, "It's a grand place, and it will last a good while longer if Jim Mello would walk on the floor instead of swinging from room to room on the pipes like Tarzan." He also revealed that John Adams' feet hang out of the end of the bed seven inches. 

When Sorin Hall was built, in 1888, the sub was left unfinished. The beaverboard walls came somewhat later. Due to their lack of resilience, and many generations of repairs, the general appearance now is that of the seat of a farmer's trousers. The Sub has not been inhabited continuously since; it is usually saved for the use of guests, and only opened for general use when there is a large demand. 

A typical room is that of Joe Jankowski and Luis Flores. They have 30 pipes on the ceiling, five vertical ones, six valves, and two doors to the room. In the middle of the floor stands a large square post. One gets to sleep very happily by counting pipes instead of sheep, and trying to figure what they all mean. Among professional men on the floor are Coaches Ziemba and Devore.

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