Celebrities request tickets...

Many of these tickets go to celebrities, men of distinction in all walks of life who are also ardent Notre Dame followers. To cite a few we have Bob Hope and Don Ameche of the movies; Jim Farley, Frank Walker, Bill Cronin, Mayor Kelly, and the governors of Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana of political fame; Hoffman, Insull, Dean, and Bendix representing big business; Jimmy Dykes, manager of the White Sox; and orchestra leaders Bernie Cummings, Kay Kyser, Guy Lombardo, and Tommy Dorsey. 

However, according to Mr. Jones, so many of these and other public figures have been Notre Dame backers for so long that they are regarded more as friends than celebrities or customers. With these and thousands of other fans, enough orders have come in already to assure sellouts for the Dartmouth, Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech games with strong gatherings predicted for all the other contests. 

There is even a chance that if Great Lakes and Notre Dame both have strong teams they may draw as many as the record-breaking 57,500 who watched the Michigan-N. D. game here two years ago, if so, more work for Herb Jones and staff. Other banner crowds who have seen Notre Dame home battles are the 57,000 who were at the Minnesota game, the 50,000 who have more than once viewed Southern California, and the Ohio State game of '36 witnessed by 53,000. Besides these. Northwestern has often attracted over the 50,000 mark. 

Often odd requests sneak in with the routine ticket letters. Recently there was one from a man who wanted seats "one third of the way from the touchdown line"; occasionally requests come in for 60-yard line seats and quite often letters come, specifying the left or right aisle seat to make it easier for an artificial leg. Lately, Jones notes there's been more of a trend toward the end zone seats because many purchasers believe they can see a better brand of football from those vantage points. In fact, oneexcellent customer who has had season tickets since the stadium was built, always buys a pair of 50-yard line seats for his wife and her guest and two end zone seats for himself and another friend.

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