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Last week, the Notre Dame athletic department and director of athletics Jack Swarbrick announced the Irish football schedule for the next three seasons. Swarbrick discussed the long-awaited release in an interview with Fighting Irish Digital Media, outlining the philosophical approach to filling out these and future schedules with traditional rivals and new opponents the Irish haven’t regularly faced off against. A new playoff format will be introduced next season in college football, and the selection committee is expected to reward teams with strong schedules. The Irish have always played a challenging slate, and the 2014-2016 schedules may raise that bar.

Notre Dame has a 35-13 regular season record under Kelly, the 15th-best winning percentage against FBS opponents in the nation in that span. Those 15 teams are included in the chart above and the table below. Since 2010, no top team has more consistently played games against above-average opponents than the Irish.


FBS Regular Season Winning Percentage

Pct of FBS Games vs Opponents with
7+ FBS Wins

Pct of FBS Wins vs Opponents with
7+ FBS Wins

Oregon Ducks




Stanford Cardinal




Alabama Crimson Tide




Northern Illinois Huskies




Ohio State Buckeyes




LSU Tigers




Boise State Broncos




Oklahoma Sooners




Florida State Seminoles




South Carolina Gamecocks




Oklahoma State Cowboys




Michigan State Spartans




Nebraska Cornhuskers




Wisconsin Badgers




Notre Dame Fighting Irish




Notre Dame is the only team on this list that has not played an FCS opponent in the last four seasons. Against opponents that have won at least seven FBS games, Notre Dame has played more games (23) than any other team ranked among the top-30 in winning percentage. Notre Dame is tied with Stanford and Ohio State with the most wins (10) in the last two seasons against opponents with seven or more FBS victories.

The gauntlet may be even more challenging next fall. Seven of Notre Dame’s opponents next season won at least seven games against FBS opponents in 2013. Six of them won at least nine FBS regular season games this year.

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