The song title Nessum Dorma means...

“You’re not going to sleep tonight because I’m going to really yell out this song”.  That’s the best translation I can come up with.  LOL.

Anyway, what does the Capster do all day, now that he’s retired?  He writes things in the third person……….and he likes to check youtube (what a great invention) for my favorite songs.

One of my all-time fave singers was Mario Lanza.  He still IS one of my favorite singers, but he no longer is an IS, he’s a was.

Anyway, I was listening to him sing the great song, Nessun Dorma.  Why do you have to sing Italian songs to be a great tenor?  Couldn’t you just sing Roy Orbison songs?  Jackie Wilson songs?  Anyway, I decided I wanted to see if ANYONE could out-do the great Caruso on this wonderful song.  While listening to two dozen versions, I was forced to listen to all those shows titled Some Country (fill in the blank)  has Talent.  I would rather drive a stick in my eyeball than watch one of those shows, but I like seeing some of the REALLY good winners.  Anyway……………..the great winner of Who Will Keep you Up All Night is………………………..

Unless you speak Dutch, start this video at the 2:10 mark.  By the way, don’t look at the guy.  He needs a shave and some new teeth.  He should also change his name from Martin Hurkens to something Italian sounding.  He’ll also need to gain 50 pounds to sing opera. 

By the way, my father had an absolutely beautiful singing voice……………..didn’t pass it on.  Both my daughters can sing, so it must have skipped a generation.

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Martin Hurkens - nessun dorma - …


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