The writing in the early SCHOLASTIC was remarkable...

Far better than today, IMHO.

One thing I enjoyed was the frequent use of poems, especially to honor star athletes and prominent students.

Here’s a poem, from 1916, about Stan Cofall, one of Notre Dame’s all-time greats, who went on to have a pro career and a fine life.  When I was Assistant Director of Admissions, an applicant named Cofall came to see me.  He was very pleased when I asked if he might be the grandson of the GREAT Stan Cofall.

The Captain


You have doffed the headgear and the suit

You nevermore shall wear.


And taken off the cleated boot

That scored from anywhere;


While every jagged rent bears fruit

Of Captain Cofall's share.


And now what honors shall we pay

To him with heart so true, .


Who bore the pigskin in the fray

For love of Gold and Blue?


The only thing our hearts can say—

We will remember you.


T. Healy.

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