Notre Dame, IN, October 6, 1917...


BY A. W. SLAGGERT, ' 2 0.

Facing an unknown world he dared a way

And through the wildering wood he blazed a path.

Through sleet and snow of the wild winter's wrath.

His fervid mission spirit to obey.

For him no plaudits, pomp and vain display.

Nor sordid aim; the great joys that man hath

When God's directions plan the aftermath

With timeless blessings, these were his. Portray,

0 world, a nobler soul, a grander deed.

Scan history's realm for works more worthy done.

Uncover heroes of a higher aim!

The world today, O Sorin, must concede.

That thou her everlasting praise hast won.

Who dreamed the dream that now is Notre Dame".

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