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...from Will Rogers and the response from a Notre Dame student writer in the SCHOLASTIC…………..


“I have always wanted to see this town.  I was born in a Studebaker wagon, awakened every morning by a Big Ben clock, grew up walking between the handles of an Oliver Chilled plow, wore home-made shirts made by Singer sewing machines, and read all my life of Notre Dame, whose scholastic standing is one touchdown and a field goal higher than any other modern educational hindrance.  Yours for narrower minds and broader stadiums, — WILL ROGERS.

(From the New York Times, Nov. 29, 1926)

Underneath the thick coating of laughs which the cowboy humorist spreads over his remarks real truth often lies. Rogers' recent remark concerning Notre Dame's educational status is peculiarly applicable at this time, when the Cranky Critics of America get out the old bludgeons and concertedly hammer the Irish reputation for scholastic teaching. They base their claim to a free-for-all slamming spree, of course, upon the fact that Notre Dame's football team rates ten pages of publicity to her educational efforts one column. If the critics were not so numerous and so persistent, they could be laughed off, but as it is, some defense is called for when they become especially rabid. What could be more natural or more to be expected than that the Notre Dame football team should receive reams of publicity, and that it should overshadow in many minds Notre Dame's scholastic standing? Dashing athletes forcing a physical object toward a concrete, visible goal are always of more news value than earnest students pushing a pen toward invisible, intangible glory. Such is human nature. We have only this to say to the critics: if you wish to know Notre Dame's educational status, spend a day or two with us while we attempt to show you a few of the mental and moral accomplishments of which we are so justly proud. J.A.B.

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