One of the MANY items in my sports collection... the annual issue of “Football Digest”, for 1948, covering the 1947 season.

It’s fun looking at the photos of players with old leather helmets, no face masks, and big cleated shoes.

There’s a debate on whether college football players should be paid.  Bears Coach George Halas said YES; Michigan Coach Fritz Crisler said NO.

In those days players did not receive the “full rides“ we know today.  Halas was basically recommending what we have today.  Crisler was defending a “pure” system.

In this issue there is an article by Red Smith (ND-1927) about the birth of the Four Horseman.  There is another article hypothesizing ND playing Michigan for the 1947 Championship (which, by the way, ND won), but Michigan resented.  Many experts have called the 1947 Notre Dame team the greatest college football team of all time.  It would be hard to argue.  The team was led by the two greatest two-way players in our history………..Johnny Lujack and George Connor, arguably Notre Dame’s two greatest players.

There is a terrific anecdote about Rockne.  It seems that a coach of a west coach college walked into Rock’s office one day.  He said that he was going to lose his job if he lost on Saturday.  Rockne asked him about the defense played by that upcoming opponent.  He then provided the coach with six plays to use!  The coach went back and won 14-6!  This story seems apocryphal to me, but it certainly fits the legend.

There is an article on linebackers.  It states that they must have P.V……peripheral vision…………..and that they must “lay the wood on them”.

The first national article I ever published was in “Baseball Digest”, in 1965, which I wrote while I was a student working in Sports Publicity.  The same man published both of these fine publications.

Go Irish!


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