The 20 best business schools for networking...


SEP. 16, 2014, 10:11 AM

When choosing a business school, there are several key factors to consider, from class size to location and on-campus resources.

But one important factor is easy to overlook: what the school provides post-graduation. A strong alumni network can make all the difference in making connections and landing interviews at top companies. 

"Networking is important because the peer, faculty, and alumni support and influence is a major asset while in school and for the rest of a graduate's life in the job market," says Harvey Berkey, chief operating officer of, a website where students can review GRADUATE PROGRAMS.

To determine which schools offer the best networking opportunities, Graduateprograms.compulled the BUSINESS SCHOOLS with the highest scores for "Value of Network," one of many categories in which over 70,000 students review their schools on the site. 

Here are the 20 schools that came out on top: 

1. Stanford
2. Dartmouth
3. Notre Dame
4. Harvard
5. Columbia
6. Cornell
7. Rice
8. North Carolina
9. Cal Berkeley
10. Pennsylvania
11. Baylor
12. Texas A&M
13. London Business School
14. Emory
15. Northwestern
16. Ohio State
17. Wake Forest
18. Yale
19. Drexel
20. Washington (Seattle)

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