Knowledgeable ND fans... not have to be reminded about the value we place on continuing the historic Dame series with the U. S. Naval Academy.

Out of loyalty alone, because of what the U.S. Department of the Navy did to help Notre Dame survive during WWII, we will always play them.

This series also fits the words above the east door of the Basilica---God, Country, Notre Dame.

Many fans don’t know that Navy also helped Notre Dame with the dedication of Notre Dame Stadium.  Before we built Notre Dame Stadium, a good crowd at Cartier Field was around 15,000.  During our inaugural year in the “House that Rockne Built”, our home attendance figures were 15,000 for the opener, and 30,000, 11,000, 10,000 for the final three.  The Dedication Game was with Navy, and held on October 11, a week after our home opener.  It drew more than 40,000, at a premium price.  In addition, we drew 120,000 for our 1928 game versus Navy, in Soldier Field.  The proceeds from that game were a big part of the money we used to build some campus buildings during the height of the Depression and helped with the down payment on the Stadium. 

Finally, there is a lesser known but very important value to the Navy series.  Although we play them “home and home”, we have never played a game on their home field.  In the first few years of the series, we played them in their backyard in Baltimore.  Since then the location has moved all over the East………and beyond.  This is a huge plus for Notre Dame.  We are able to bring our team to many locations where we have a large alumni and fan base and we can showcase our team in some of the most exciting venues in the country.  So, even though it’s a Navy “home game”, Notre Dame gains a large benefit.  Here are the locations of the Notre Dame-Navy game:

Baltimore, Soldier Field (Chicago), Cleveland, Philadelphia, East Rutherford, NJ, Dublin, D.C. and Orlando.

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