I am working on a book about early ND Football (1887-1917)...

I call this our Prehistoric Era, because nobody had ever compiled our complete individual scoring statistics.  Poring over microfilm of old newspapers, I have unearthed a number of interesting tidbits.  Here are some teasers:

1.     Who scored our first TD?

2.     Who kicked our first Extra Point?

3.     Who kicked our first Field Goal?  (in those early days, TD’s were 4 points; XP’s were 2 points; and FG’s were five points)

4.     Who made our first Princeton Kick?  (in the early days, most kicking was done by “drop kick”; the Princeton Kick used a holder)

5.     Who was our Field Goal leader during our pre-historic era?

6.     Who kicked a 50 yard field goal during this period?

7.     Who is the only player who participated in every ND game for the first three years of the sport (all five!)?  And, he never left the field.

8.     Who was the Notre Dame Scoring leader for this era?

9.     When did Notre Dame play an opponent who’s best player was the CURRENT Notre Dame Head Coach?

 Don’t bother asking for the answers.  I need to have some reasons for you to buy this book.  LOL.

While reading SCHOLASTICS from this period, I came across an interesting reference about interhall football.  In those pre-scholarship days, Notre Dame’s interhall football system served as a recruiting grounds for future varsity players.  Interhall teams would often play high school and college frosh team.  Here is what was written about the Walsh Hall team, in October, 1919.  Fr. Farley, for whom the dorm is named, was one of the greatest multi-sport athletes around the turn of the century.  He is the only Hall Rector for whom a dorm is named.

In Walsh, Father Farley has worked the wires for a coaching staff that would be the envy of many a college in these days. "Willie" Coughlin and Grover Malone will drill the "millionaires' sons."

Coughlin (a tackle) and Malone (halfback) were two ND stars from a few years earlier.

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